Sunday, August 22, 2010

Recap: The Simplest, Free Online Business Plan.

.: #Lessons revision: A recap of our previous lessons~   :-)

Seriously free, but comes with hard and smart work to make sure our business (and profits) runs indefinitely.
  • Zero start-up cost
  • Free tools
  • Very profitable

What we should do? This is our simplest and free online business plan.
  • Create an online ID
  • Build our business space
  • Find our market
  • Prepare our products/services
  • Attract our customers

The simplest and free online business plan.

Create an online ID.
To use all free tools available on the Net, we need to have our own ID. With minimum of two IDs, your online business registration now is much much easier. What I meant with online ID is your e-mail account. It would be nice for you to have one Yahoo! ID and one Google ID. We'll use these IDs a lot later~

Build our business space.
This blog (our internet marketing online class) prefers doing online business and e-marketing without the need to use a lot of money, or I rather say it that I love to use free reliable tools out there. Not all free tools are great (and secured), and it would be advisable for you to opt for paid services if you had more money to spent. For starters, we'll use free blog services and then the earnings later we can migrate to self-host our own blogs or sites~  ;-)

Find our market.
The most important thing about selling online is how can our online business become visible to our customers/prospects? Internet is a very big big world, it might be *impossible* for them to notice us. Luckily, we have internet giants who voluntarily helping us to show our business to them. But with a little trick and strict T&C. Better say it as 'hard work done the smart way'.

Prepare our products/services.
After finish building our business space, prepared with our chosen niche, it's time to think what we're gonna sell for our business? Are we selling products or selling our expertise? What about if we do not have anything to offer?

Attract our customers.
Now everything is ready, we need to go all out to reach our customer. Again, this is the most delicate and the most important part to ensure our business become a success. We need to attract our customer ethically, give them what they wanted so much - help to provide their problems with the best solution, consistently interacts with them, and leave them impressions about our online business.

There you go, that is our simplest and free online business plan. You should get the overall idea how we gonna do it, and please start taking actions now! The sooner the better~   ;-)

InternetMarketingOnl9Class: "No pain no gain, because we reap what we sow~~"


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