Friday, July 23, 2010

#5: Niche Market is Our Business

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.: Lesson #5: Do your research and analysis when aiming for profitable niche.

Now we already know that in order to get the hungriest customer, we need to aim the niche market for our online business. There is a lot of niche market out there, but where can we find one?

How to find a niche market?
  • Use our precious eye and ear~
  • Or, install a software dedicated for this
  • Or, learn and apply the big bad 3 mega niches of all time~~   ;-)

How to find a niche market, using our eye and ear?
This is the most basic and the oldest way to notice your niche market. By looking around and observing things, you might stumble quite a good profitable niche. Where to look? TV ads, newspaper, brochures, internet ads, etc~ Where to hear one? Listen to your community demands/requests/problems/etc around you~ :-)

Is there really a software created for this niche-ing purpose?
Yes, there is one useful tool named the Micro Niche Finder which able to uncovers hot untapped niche market. As seen from this PotPieGirl Squidoo, this will save a lot of your time by "searching the niche for you" :-)

The last method in searching for a niche market is by doing some simple exercises. Mmm? Yup, there is a blog who gives us 2 exercises to work our quest in finding our hungry niche (Eben Pagan even gives us the 3 Mega niches for us to target!). Watch the video from GURU BluePrint Blog (How to identify and target highly profitable information niches online) first, and then do the 2 exercises and we're set to continue working on our online business~~   :-D

InternetMarketingOnl9Class: "Go niche goooo~ Go niche gooooooo~~"

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