Saturday, August 28, 2010

How to Build Your Business Blogspot (Part 02) : 5 Way to Blog Your Online Business

.: What no one ever tells you about blogging5 different ways to blog your online business~ (Not to be confused with different type of blogs).

Before we go further, let's go meet a blog and ask her name~ :-P

A blog a.k.a web log (Wiki)...
  • is a site that can stands on it's own or be a part of a larger website
  • entries (or blog posts) are shown in anti-clockwise order. It means the most recent entry is viewed first on the first page~ (You see her "now", not her "past" first)
  • can become very social - support two way communications (by leaving or answering comments) or none at all, create her own fan, win awards or receive star ratings, etc~
  • has her own array of makeups~ You can change the layout, theme, background, almost everything to beautify or personalize her
  • can become a robot, or in this case - a cyborg girl. Why? We can do whatever we want with our blog, we can add more blog parts (widgets, more page elements, video, slideshow, etc), put external links, chat box, or add the best part of all, we can put advertisement or highlighted products/services and earn money~   ;-)
Isn't she pretty? Heehee   :-D

Currently, we have 5 ways to build our business blogspot. From normal text, to graphical posts, videos posts, audio posts or we blog less, the way we blogs seems to evolve from one media to another. Maybe the next way of business blogging will be moblog, mobile blogging with smartphones as the primary platform, who knows whats coming up next, right? ;-) Each blogs comes with it's own identity, and can be integrated with each other. Here is our 5 Way to blog our online business:
  1. common contextual blog (consists mainly of text only)
  2. photoblog (gallery blog)
  3. vlog (video blog)
  4. podcast (broadcast blog)
  5. microblog (mini blog)

Common blogs.
This way of blogging is the most popular one. Write some unique article, put links within a text and then we have our working contextual business blog. This kind of blog is best for product or service reviews, discussions, their latest news, because it depends primarily on it's contents to drive sales. Some pictures or video here and there is common but text is likely to be seen more.

Photoblog (Wiki).
This one (as you can guess) uses pictures as it's primary content. Less test or written article, but brief description about the uploaded pictures is available. Best to showcase wedding dresses/ gowns, stock photos, artwork, or jeweleries. Blogger use Picasa web album to host our uploaded pictures, but we can use other photo hosting sites and link the embed HTML inside our business blogspot. (Note: photoblog use larger storing space than normal blog because image use more space than text.)

Vlog (Wiki).
Photoblog in a new level: Videoblog. Videoblog, a.k.a. video blogging or vidlogging is a blog with most of it's entry is in form of videos about the author, or the author as the main character. In our online business case, what we can vlog is videos about how to use certain products, promote a working services, or as a soft-sell video for affiliate products. Vlog in YouTube is also great to earn from Google Adsense like these YouTube stars~

Podcast (broadcast blog).
Hurmm, this one is new to me. It's like you're making a pause-and-play blog entries. It can be an audio post, or a video post. Our post can be downloaded or streamed online. Or in other explanation, it is like a recorded radio or tv program, but in form of a blog. How to put this kind of blog into business? Products news will be good, or recorded interviews with experts in our chosen niche?

Twitter is my best word to describe microblog. A blog so mini that you need to restrain yourself in a few words (140 chars, like you do your texting), use shortened URL just to spread the words, re-publish re-viral someone else post again, get social with our fans, and edit your background picture to fit a portion of space on the left and the right side~ X-D Great way to tell the world about our online business, because here linkbaiting posts is just soooooo good~  ;-)

Link bait (linkbaiting) : The act of making or publishing certain contents or features in order to get traffic and reactions. Sometimes used in creating hyped post titles in blogs, videos or online news~

Well, that is our 5 way to blog our online business blogspot. Choose one that suitable with your niche nature  or incorporate everything to make the very best of your business blog. In case you're wondering what does some terms or blogging words mean, check it out here : Wiki's list of blogging terms.

InternetMarketingOnl9Class: "Try blogging the common way first, use microblog and vlog to give exposure and later attract more traffic~"


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