Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Social Allies: Ymail + Fb + Google?

.: I am truly very very sorry, we still have no lessons from this week. There's a new errand and a new project. This post will be a quick update.

Last two days when I'm going to check my e-mails, I notice that Y!mail has a new user interface. Apart from their usual sign in username and password form, there is another two new way to sign in into our Y!mail account, one by signing in with our Facebook account, or we can sign with our Google account.

And two days before that, after coming back from a short 3 day trip, my e-mail account has been hacked! Even after carefully and frequent password change is also susceptible to account hacking, we should always be careful and be more alert when dealing with any of our internet account. Lucky me because my Y!mail account was not suspended yet...   :-(

Remember, when using free or paid e-mail service, our sensitive information should not taken for granted. Doesn't matter how secure our protection is, hackers is known as somebody who have the longest perseverance and their never-ending intruder determination. Please beware at all times.

InternetMarketingOnl9Class: "Integrating multiple different account to one another still creeps me out. By hacking one account, other account (might) get hacked too. Just thinking "if I am a hacker what will I do with all these linked account?" is still an eerie imagination..."

Monday, January 17, 2011

The New Google Search Page~~

.: It's almost three weeks without actual posting, whew, it's been a busy month~   ;-D

This morning, while usually checking for other work vacancies and reading stats, I noticed that my homepage is slightly "different". It's looks more appealing, and more streamlined. Simplicity is the best business I guess, so this new renovated Google search page is one thing that I expected this new 2011.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but did your news or TV channel get revamped with new theme and coloration already? In Malaysia, almost every year we will have a new and different sets build in our national TV channel, especially for the morning "talkative" show and the news program. Not just that, sometimes when it's time for their annual anniversary, even the TV logo or design will be changed to a new one. Hurmmm...

It's all about customer perception? Like why all these carbonated drinks or fluoride toothpaste or Java games ads gets aired on air again and again and again and to infinityyyyy... and beyond~~ (Quote from Buzz Lightyear)   X-O

Alright, it's time to see what I did see..

The new Google search page~~
Click to enlarge. Or go to instead~

Together with the new Google search settings~~
Click to enlarge. Options is the gear icon, situated at the uppermost part on your right.

I did wish for Google search page to be all green or all rainbowy for their search page without the need to log into my iGoogle... No need to be all blues~~

InternetMarketingOnl9Class: "We got to love what's in store for us?"