Friday, July 30, 2010

#7: Internet Marketing All the Way~~

.: Lesson #7: After finishing your online business preparations, now is the time to tell the whole world about it~

Done with our online business products and (or) services, this is the time for reaching out for our valuable customers. Because there is so many website build each second, so it is up to us to let people know we have what they needed. It is a process of friendly "telling" it to our interested customer.    :-)

Internet marketing on Wiki means "The marketing of products or services over the internet." The way of informing others that we can give this or give that and do this or do that by using internet as our platform, either for free, or paid with some money. Just like real world marketing, we need to be creative with our usage of words, music and images.

Internet marketing sisters, say, in...
  • Writing : e-mail marketing, article writing
  • Music : video advertising (music advertising collectively)
  • Images : display advertising
  • Actions : interactive advertising
  • Mix all of 'em together : multimedia advertising
  • Smartphones : Mobile advertising

Marketing itself is a very large topic, doing it need a lot of small-plans-for-a-bigger-one (which means persistence). Until you get the hang of it, internet marketing is definitely a lesson we need to learn by heart. Later, all of this is just a matter of who's gonna do it first in extraordinary way~   ;-)

InternetMarketingOnl9Class: "Marketing is like an adventure, you don't get much until you explore further~"   ;-)


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