Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Niche Market Spotted Online: Kiplinger Slideshows

.: Again, this is my 5 cents, what I thought and might not be perfectly 100% correct. I've read Howie Schwartz's pdfs before, and examples below is a good niche where we all can go for. The earliest bird gets the early worm? :-P

(If you already read how Howie's drills his niche markets, you should be able to check whether examples below is profitable, conquerable, and will it lasts longer or not.)

This niche is spotted online from Kiplinger Slideshows : 10 Top Franchises You Can Run From Home by Neema P. Roshania, just spotted today. Today?? :-P

Here is 9 niche market (SOHO?) where we should grab now~
You should check out the slideshows so you'll get what I write here~
  • Dance fitness classes: This can come as informational product as we can write e-book about it. Or maybe we can pick related jazz music from Amazon to promote? Create a DIY YouTube video how to do one?
  • Business consulting and coaching: Is this what I'm doing?? Urm?   :-?
  • Commercial cleaning:  This idea is great for festive celebration. Go for washing kitchen utensils, lawn-mowing, or fence painting. 'How to care for your hands and save more water while washing' e-book, etc~
  • Shrub and lawn care, pest control: Also great for festive seasons, (where people get too much work to do). Informational products for different types of natural pesticides, where to buy old chair or English antiques, etc~
  • Non medical in-home care: Should be great for localized online business. Online associates for adult diapers?
  • Disaster insurance/restoration: I really don't know about this one. It's kinda new to me. But restoration for whatever purposes is really a good niche. ;-)
  • Professional tools and equipment: Always Swiss knife in my head when thinking about all purpose tools. But snapping tools is good too, you don't need to worry about keeping it safe, plus it saves more space. Great niche for creating e-books, explain each tool with it's uses.
  • Printing and promotional materials: This one is pretty common. Prepare online business with free and paid professional banners/flyers/brochures templates.
  • Plumbing and draining: All in one plumbing how tos~   :-P

Will this niche market make or break? You decide~

InternetMarketingOnl9Class: "Spotting niche market online? Like spotting for airplanes?"

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