Monday, October 4, 2010

How to Build Your Business Blogspot (Part 03) : My Preferred Blogspot Layout~

.: This is how your business blogspot should look like~ :-P

After deciding which way we want to do our business blogspot, now we come to the design part. This is my own personal preferred business layout. It is up to you to follow or not, but you can give it a try~ There is a strange psychological element embedded inside, heehee   ;-)

So, this is how we should design our business blogspot layout~~
Interchangeable business blogspot layout: lefty and righty~
Too striking? LOL~   X-D

The  red  box represents the Header part.  Yellow  colored box is for the Body, and the  green  one is the Footer part. All of this is the essence of a blog, and this layout makes up a great business blogspot. And, you need to choose one from these two. Why?

Haa.. before we go to that part, let's get to know all of these elements first~~

 Red  Header:
  • This is where our eternal title should resides. Think about being unique, being different, think about branding ourselves.
  • While it is recommended for us to have our keywords in our title, one might opt to use simple sound being spelled or use non-related title as their alternative.
  • If, our title does not have any important keywords, so include them in the blog description. Not too much, but should grab our blogspot visitor attention at their first sight~ 
  • The smaller red box shows our menu tabs. It is best to have to give our disclaimer, about page, FAQs, contact info, etc here. This menu too can serve as our sitelinks in our SERP~~

 Yellow  Body:
  • This ultra important part should be our first priority. If you are a newbie in this business blogspot field, use the lefty layout. If you're pretty confident, or on a neutral ground, use the righty layout.
  • The larger box is of course our blog content, and the 3 boxes is our "side content".
  • The medium yellow box is the place for our most wanted products, and the other two small boxes is for our related products and contents~ 
  • Do focus primarily on adding the sharing button (retweet, Facebook Like, Digg, etc) or related article widget.

 Green  Footer.
  • This part here is best utilized to capture our blog visitor's attention again and again and again. Such as giving out related links, as reminder what is our business blogspot is all about, ask them to participate in our mini poll, chat box, or any sorts of attentive activity.
  • Increase our visitor stats (and popularity) by inviting them to follow us via Google Friend Connect, Twitter, Facebook, etc~~ 
  • Footer also serve as our last resort before our visitor navigate away from our site.

About choosing the lefty layout, or the righty one. Why we need to choose? Hmmm, basically, it is about which part loads first. If you noticed, (and if you're using a Firefox browser), each time a site loads, it will starts from the left side. It means that our most-wanted products will be shown first before our text content. This is  great for newbies and new affiliates because we "accidentally forcing" our visitor to take note about our product first before reading our articles. ;-)

The first loading parts is an important impression for our visitor. It can helps them visualize the whole concept of our business blogspot - what kind of items we're selling, which niche, secure or not, etc and thus can help increase our conversion => our visitor now becomes our customer~~   ;-)

So, that is how our business blogspot layout should look like. I agree that there is many business layout out there, and if it is really working, share with us your successful layout. And don't forget to share the links too~

InternetMarketingOnl9Class: "Still searching for the most awesome and converting blogspot layout~"


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