Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Google Instant Previews: SERPs Gets a Makeup?

.: Google Instant Previews: Instant Previews show you a visual preview of your search result.. Eh?  :-?

I was thrilled to hear that the search engine giant (Google?) introduce a new feature for their search engine, the Google Instant Previews. I thought it was somewhat revolutionary, but this kind of feat is not something new to me. Yeah, it was instant, but not that new.

By the way, Google Instant Previews works by showing you the preview of the webpage in your search results. This "preview" will only be activated when you clicked the magnificent glass, errr, the magnifying glass next to your search results title. After that one fateful click, this feature will continue working when you hover over other search results. (tongue twists?)

How does it work? Sometimes reading the manual can't be frustrating. So this is a video how we can use the Instant Previews~

Introducing Instant Previews.
No wonder my own Instant Preview is not working!
I forgot to use the correct page~~ LOL :-P

Again, this is the correct end-user manual on how to use Google Instant Previews:
  1. Visit or bookmark this page as your home page :
  2. Type your search keywords.
  3. Click the Search button.
  4. Click the magnifying glass next to the search results title. 
  5. And, voila~ Your Instant Previews is in action~ 
I thought it was integrated in Google already, no wonder my search results does not have that magnifying glass icon. Just don''t repeat my silly mistakes here, okay? :-P

Effects to internet marketing: If more and more people love to use this preview feature, it means that clean and beautiful layout will always grab the traffic for most of the time. Combined with the text snippets (from search results) highlighted in the yellow rectangular box (refer to the video to see one), now our business blogspot need to emphasize more on content snippets and blogspot layout, haa...   ;-)

Lastly, if you one of Google search tools users, you might notice that Google Instant Previews is similar to...
Page previews from Google search tools?  ;-)

Okay, that's it for now. I know that our class has quite a long recess already. And I promise that more and more internet marketing lessons will be coming (soon?), ya? Sorry to keep you waiting.
News via PCMag and Google. More instant info from Google Webmaster Central blog~~

*** Update ***
Now Google Instant Previews is working just fine in our ordinary Google. There is no need to go to the link again. Remember to click the magnifying glass, okay? Thank you for reading~~   :-)

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