Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to Drill a Niche Markets? Learn it the Howie's Way~

.: Elevate your niche drilling skills - what we looking now is not just a plain ordinary niche, but we're looking for a profitable one!~~    ;-)

I didn't remember where I found this guy (maybe from an affiliate), but I've been following him since his Howie's Apprentice 2, somewhere in June 200? At first I didn't care about his programs at all, but after reading a lot of Howie's pdf compared with other e-books, personally, I admit he is one of the gems among all internet marketers out there. To me he is the best when you want to learn how to get traffic for your site, most importantly from free traffic.

This time we were not learning about getting traffic, but we're going to find and drills something - yeah, finding and drilling a profitable niche market. Normally when we look for a niche, we didn't target the most profitable one. Yup, a niche is a hungry market, but of course we want a "starving" niche market instead just a "hungry" one. Why? Because "starving" market brings more money~   ;-)

The presenter of this pdf e-book is known as Howie Schwartz. To me this IMer is crazy, loves to party but his skills is quite specific and lengthy, sometimes he is the first pioneer in this field. His unique, one-of-a-kind and straightforward pdf teaches us not only how to do the drilling process, it also shows what we need to expect when we go niche drilling. Very good info for intermediate IMers, but for beginners, either you just do whatever he says or you need to do more of your homework. One of his best products (I mean his coaching service) is the Howie's Apprentice - which now is in sixth edition.

Without further delay, let's learn how to find and drills a profitable niche~

Howie Schwartz - Howie's Apprentice 04 - Click menu to view it larger

Well, what do you feel after reading this Howie's Keyword research for a competitive market e-book? Did you see how to niche-ing the way it should be? Detailed and easy to understand right? So, start finding and drills your profitable niche right now!  :-D


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