Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Niche Market Examples: Get the Big Picture

.: Haha. It's funny when I think about it. ;-P

This blog should be posting how tos and article about internet marketing in chronological order, or baby steps in doing internet marketing from a to z, but I had to postpone that "chrono" order because this recent article I'm going to write might help me and other internet marketers too. There's nothing to worry, we might get back on track later, okay?   ;-P

Before this we did mention about the 3 methods to find our niche markets, so, this article is about how to get one from the internet itself.

What I normally do after facebooking and checking out my email is, I love to read the Yahoo! daily snippets. From there I get to know the the current viral web phenomenon, resolved questions and answers, daily history, and he most important is, finding my own niche market there. Picture above is one snippets that I wanted to share~~

This snippets (The popularity issue) leads me to discover a for-sure market that get the most sales. Such data which you won't find it posted in front of any bulletin board out there, and getting this valuable information directly from them may give you so much hassles then, so this information is a gem. And what's inside that makes it a gem?

It tells us what is the most popular products in certain niche! :-D

I'll give you examples what I think~
  • Car colors: Striking matching stickers for white cars? (Not my expertise) ;-P
  • Banana: Selling banana-based foods online? Banana in a tin? (I remembered sandwich in a can, haha). Process banana peels into something else?
  • Sales clerk: Crash course how to be one? Service where to find much better posts?
  • Cereal: Healthier nut cereal? Parental advice for giving cereals for toddlers? Portable allergic-to-nut-or-not device?
  • Chip: Green flavored chips? (Healthy chips~~)
  • Shrimp: Shrimp = Fish????? Places to enjoy the best seafood. Collection of recipes..
  • Dog: How tos trainings, foods, solutions for purebred dogs problems.
  • France: Eating places in France? Personalized marry-in-France package?
  • Lipsticks: Sell more pink products~ Self help to make diy lipsticks?
  • Sneakers: How about photoblog of pimped Nike-pedia?? How to pimp one?
Take your imagination wild, but serve the hungriest niche first~   ;-)
(Reminder: While every information is just a matter of opinion, but you need to make your own judgement, either this works with you or not.)

And, from this article (which leads me to another website), just to show you that humans cannot be judged simply from numbers and digits, or computer programs, niche markets might depends on your analytic ability to project whether it is profitable or not. Talking about projecting (I mean predicting), they did give us a site that displays on-the-way trending or viral things on the web~

Finding a niche market from such websites - half of our work is done, eh?   ;-)

You may use the above examples or think about other related products of your niche. Get the big picture first (the overall market), and then go dig deeper (go niche). Finding the most popular products or services might help you a little, but what's important about finding a niche is to find the market full of hungry buyers. From there, we will get only the paying customers~   ;-)

InternetMarketingOnl9Class: "Do add up if I'm missing something, Thank you~"

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