Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How to Find Niche Markets? Chapter 02

.: Another unexpected place to find niche markets, using inquiry sites asking people for niche market, and example of online niche store~

This post is a continuation from lesson #5: Niche market is our business.

This is really new to me, I didn't think that we can find our niche market here. Many thanks to Mark Hansen, the author of the NicheStoreBuilder.com, where he shows in his blog how he manage to find another niche just by using... Google Images! Scrolled down, another strange place to find our niche market: our own spam Inbox~ Wow~~   X-D
  • Searching our niche market using Google Images brings me into another niche, photoblog with niche photo market. Here is a related article about 6 steps to conquer a niche photo market (suitable for you who prefer to post your artwork online).   ;-)

Another way to find our niche market is by using inquiry websites. The most popular inquiry site would be Yahoo! Answers I think. Where our questions can be asked online, and let the internet community give the answers or solve your problems. The silver lining from such inquiries is, you can find your niche here based on the most asked questions or the most recent unanswered questions. Here is 3 steps and another 2 inquiry websites to find our niche.

Talking about niche, instead of creating one niche per site, how about selling the whole niche market in one website? Did somebody do that already? Can we see examples of online niche store? Yes, yes, and yes. WEB100.com has one article (Jan y2K9) where you can find 7 fun and funky niche stores on the internet~ (One store is not available?)

Hope that you're happy learning this chapter on how to find your niche market. Do you know other way to find one? Share with us in the comments below~   :-)

InternetMarketingOnl9Class: "Expect the unexpected~~"

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