Tuesday, August 24, 2010

#9: How to Build Your Business Blogspot (Part 01) : Two Eye for An Eye

.: Lesson #9: Build an online business space that works for your customer, not for your eye.

Yes, that's right. Our online business is created solely for our customer, not for us to fancy about. It is not about how awesome our flashy animations, or how tech savvy or how contextual our content are, but it is how they think and understands what our online business can give to them. It is all about their perceived v.a.l.u.e~   ;-)

Okay, before we continue to build our business blogspot (because we are using Blogger in Draft), this is one thing about the eye that I want you to understand.
"If you can understand your customer eye, you can do much much better conversion (or sales) than other lousy business blogspot out there."
mamdohkun, August 24th, 2K10.

Actually, I'm talking abut eye-tracking, the study on how our customer "view" (and perceive) our online business. It is a very interesting human behavior study which help us to look like how our customer look upon us. Read about eye-tracking here, and study carefully how certain study samples can lose the "heat" they wanted so badly...

The rational?
When we want to sell them something, or we intend to give something, how can our customer receive it if they cannot see it in the first place? That's why we need to plan or adjust our business blogspot page element placements so that they can get their solution (our products or services) fast. Please avoid over-extravaganza design just to please our own eye...

So, before we move on to how to build your business blogspot, please keep in mind that, we need to create our online space for our customer, not for our eye ;-)

InternetMarketingOnl9Class: "Our sales lies in the eyes of the beholder (our customer)."

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