Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Internet Marketing : Recession-proof Business?

.: Off topic: Online business is a very profitable business of the future! (Even explaining what is online business is a profit itself~)   ;-)

From Yahoo! HotJobs(R) : 5 Job Sectors with Recession-Proof Pay, you will likely to feel very happy and delighted that you ventured into doing an online business (after reading the last job sector). Do you realized that without an academic scroll you can make much more than your graduate friends? Unbelievable, but it's the truth. ;-P

While I'm not encouraging all students out there to quit their studies, online business is not going to fade away anytime soon. With 444.8% growth of internet users (from Dec 2000 until June 2010), opportunity for an online business to prosper is very high. Plus, the computerization for almost every gadgets we have today, must-haves online connectivity for office and home use, internet and online business is meant to stay here. (forever maybe?)   :-?

Talking about online business, it will be useful and advantageous for us to integrate or implement PayPal as our payment processor. PayPal, being the top 10 IT/Internet-based Business/Finance Websites, means that a lot of people is comfortable to use PayPal for their online transactions. Online shoppers is concern about their online shopping security, so by using reliable and trusted payment processor such as PayPal, we can have our customer feels very safe and secured. This also help boost our sale because we accept PayPal payments~   :-D

But, being a graduate not specialized in online retails nor software programming, online entrepreneurs like you and me need to work harder and smarter in order to succeed in this online business. Learn more, do our research, focus more on having multiple niches on our hand, manage our time and resources better, and believe in God, maybe not less in one year (or maybe less than one month), we can see our business started to reward us prettily (or handsomely). Ganbatte kudasai!!~   :-D

InternetMarketingOnl9Class: "Use all top 10 US web properties to assists our online business."

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