Friday, July 30, 2010

Marketing in Quotes : All in One?

.: While searching for my internet marketing material, I found this on WikiBooks, Open books for an open world, or Wikibooks, the open-content textbooks collection that anyone can edit.  :-?

It is a quote for the marketing book sections. To me, it's funny. And I like it. This kind of saying is an interesting way to teach others complicated things that they want to know in a-b-c. Err.. Learn stuffs in much simpler and understandable manner. :-)

It goes like this~

#7: Internet Marketing All the Way~~

.: Lesson #7: After finishing your online business preparations, now is the time to tell the whole world about it~

Done with our online business products and (or) services, this is the time for reaching out for our valuable customers. Because there is so many website build each second, so it is up to us to let people know we have what they needed. It is a process of friendly "telling" it to our interested customer.    :-)

Internet marketing on Wiki means "The marketing of products or services over the internet." The way of informing others that we can give this or give that and do this or do that by using internet as our platform, either for free, or paid with some money. Just like real world marketing, we need to be creative with our usage of words, music and images.

Internet marketing sisters, say, in...
  • Writing : e-mail marketing, article writing
  • Music : video advertising (music advertising collectively)
  • Images : display advertising
  • Actions : interactive advertising
  • Mix all of 'em together : multimedia advertising
  • Smartphones : Mobile advertising

Marketing itself is a very large topic, doing it need a lot of small-plans-for-a-bigger-one (which means persistence). Until you get the hang of it, internet marketing is definitely a lesson we need to learn by heart. Later, all of this is just a matter of who's gonna do it first in extraordinary way~   ;-)

InternetMarketingOnl9Class: "Marketing is like an adventure, you don't get much until you explore further~"   ;-)


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Examples of Business Products and Services

.: Okay, now we have our online business space ready (our business blog), we have our niche market handy, now what will we do next?

We will be preparing our products or provide our services so we can sell it online.

Basically, in internet world, we can sells pretty much anything we want. Our online business is not limited to sell physical products only, but we can sell digital products too~ Selling our services? It's also the same thing, we can provide online or offline services to our customers. :-)
  • Example of physical products? Books, computer hardwares, gaming consoles, music players, perfumes etc.
  • Digital products? E-books, downloadable softwares and games, mp3s, mobile contents, etc.
  • Online services: Write product reviews, software programming, data entry, copywriting, banner designing, etc.
  • Offline services: such as flyers distribution, courier service, tourist guide, food catering, etc.

If we do not have anything to offer, how about we sell stuffs on behalf of other people? Yes, we can do that. We will join an affiliate program and become an affiliate marketer.   :-)

InternetMarketingOnl9Class: "There is soooo much things we can sell with our online business."

Friday, July 23, 2010

#5: Niche Market is Our Business

internt marketing onlice class blogspot com
.: Lesson #5: Do your research and analysis when aiming for profitable niche.

Now we already know that in order to get the hungriest customer, we need to aim the niche market for our online business. There is a lot of niche market out there, but where can we find one?

How to find a niche market?
  • Use our precious eye and ear~
  • Or, install a software dedicated for this
  • Or, learn and apply the big bad 3 mega niches of all time~~   ;-)

How to find a niche market, using our eye and ear?
This is the most basic and the oldest way to notice your niche market. By looking around and observing things, you might stumble quite a good profitable niche. Where to look? TV ads, newspaper, brochures, internet ads, etc~ Where to hear one? Listen to your community demands/requests/problems/etc around you~ :-)

Is there really a software created for this niche-ing purpose?
Yes, there is one useful tool named the Micro Niche Finder which able to uncovers hot untapped niche market. As seen from this PotPieGirl Squidoo, this will save a lot of your time by "searching the niche for you" :-)

The last method in searching for a niche market is by doing some simple exercises. Mmm? Yup, there is a blog who gives us 2 exercises to work our quest in finding our hungry niche (Eben Pagan even gives us the 3 Mega niches for us to target!). Watch the video from GURU BluePrint Blog (How to identify and target highly profitable information niches online) first, and then do the 2 exercises and we're set to continue working on our online business~~   :-D

InternetMarketingOnl9Class: "Go niche goooo~ Go niche gooooooo~~"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Going Niche with Online Business~

.: Targeted online business => Niche.

We know that giving exactly what our customer wants is the key to attracting them to our online business voluntarily. Going niche is how we will do it.

What is niche (marketing) actually?

Niche, in a simple definition is a portion from a bigger market, a market with high demands for a certain products or services.

In other words, a niche is a narrowed segment from a much bigger market. It is a special market, where our customers demands only for a specific type of products or services. To give you much better vision about niche, let's imagine a very big and delicious Mediterranean pizza in front of a starving family~~   ;-)

Wait, don't eat first. We asks each and everyone which part they love to eat before we start dividing the pizza. The brother would love to have the biggest slice, his sister love to have the slice with the most cheeze, his mummy would prefer to eat the tomato first, his daddy prefer to add black pepper to his slice, and their youngest brother love to eat the crust. Each of them prefer the different parts of the pizza, but they still eat that pizza. Happy ending. ;-P

No, not yet. From that story, the whole undivided Mediterranean pizza resembles our total market (a.k.a. our online customers). When we cut it into smaller slice, each slice now resembles a niche. Each niche has it's own specialty, it appeals to certain part of our customers, and some is not. While some customer just go and take it as it is (like the brother), some customer will be picky about their choice (like the sister, her mummy, her younger brother), and some might go extra length to have it their own way (like the daddy).

Say, if we going to sell online, for example our business is about selling Mediterranean pizza, we need to start customizing our pizza according to customer demands. This is to ensure we will always get repeated sales and also having our own regular customer. Plus, if our pizza is the most unique pizza in town, they will always order our pizza even if it is two o'clock in the morning! (You've become their first and primary source for special Mediterranean pizza, it's great is it?)    ;-)

Well, that is the tasty way to explain a niche, so our online business will start aiming for selling products or give services that specifically targets a niche. Which niche will you go for??

More about niche:

InternetMarketingOnl9Class: "Looking for double decker Hawaiian pizza~~"

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Search Engine Helps Online Business a Lot~

search engine by Danard Vincente on flickr
.: Remember about making our internet community (a.k.a. our valuable customers) desperately and voluntarily visits our website (a.k.a. our online business) without forcing them to do it?

Using the previous logic, it would be futile to make our customers notice about our online business. But, thanks to search engine technology, those days were long over. Using the correct marketing techniques, it won't be so hard to get listed in any search engine results.

What is the connection between search engine and our customers?
Search engine is a webpage designed to search information on the internet >> Then our customer use it to solve their problems or getting information >> (With proper techniques), they arrive at our online business and found their answers.

And, you might ask, how do we get to sell or give *exactly* the stuff/the answers/the information that *exactly* matches with what our customers is looking for?

Got your answer already?

We give them *exactly* what they want! It's that simple. Riiiite? Rite rite rite?? Heehee~   :-)

Okay, we now know exactly what we going to give them. To do that, we go 'niche'~~

What is the 'niche'?
Our answer lies in the next post~~

(A reminder: While it's best not to rely solely with search engines to get our customers, and it's not the only way actually, lets just learn this first, and later we go on with other techniques as well, okay?)

InternetMarketingOnl9Class: "Still learning the basic part~~"


Saturday, July 10, 2010

#4: What are You Going to Sell?

.: Lesson #4: Your online business should be selling stuff that people wants right now!

What kind of stuff that *people really wants*?
Because the internet community is soooooooooooo large, filled with many kinds of people, from all over the world, with different taste, wants and needs, it is quite possible that whatever you're selling there is a chance people will buy it.

It's logic right? Naaah, nope, it is not. (50-50) ;-P

Told you before, because the internet community is soooooooooooo large, you only had a ridiculously super tiny nano chance of getting people to notice you > interested with whatever products you're offering > and buy your stuff. Why again? Because there is toooooo many website and sooooooo pages that serves our community, you must be very lucky to make other people to notice about your website (online business).

Then, can I continue doing my online business?
Yes, absolutely. We use the "work smart" mode to do it. Instead of we telling (or forcing?) them to visit our business, how about we make them *wants* to visit our business then? Haa..

How to do that?
To find out, we need to go into the "Niche" mode~~   ;-)

InternetMarketingOnl9Class: "Which one is better? Asking someone to do a favor or let them do it voluntarily for you?"


Friday, July 9, 2010

#3: Build Your Online Business On Your Own

blogger in draft
.: Lesson #3: Learn building your online business from scratch, you will understand better~

In real world, you need to rent or purchase a land to build your the one and only brick-and-mortar business. But in online world (the internet), you can either get your business space for free or by paying a smaller sum of money, plus you can create your business as many as you want. Yup, online business is much cheaper when we talk about cost.

Not all the best thing in life is free, but everyone love free things, rite? So we will mainly use free tools and free space in our online business class. Until we get a steady recurring income, we can settle with the paid internet marketing version~   ;-)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

#2 : Internet Marketing Works for Online Business

.: Lesson #2: Know the difference between Internet marketing and Online Business.

You may stumble this two terms before, or may heard about it somewhere on the Net. You may think it gives the same meaning, (who bothers?) but it is actually the same thing?

Nope. It is not.

So what is the difference between internet marketing and online business?
(I've modified it a little bit to make it simpler)