Saturday, July 17, 2010

Going Niche with Online Business~

.: Targeted online business => Niche.

We know that giving exactly what our customer wants is the key to attracting them to our online business voluntarily. Going niche is how we will do it.

What is niche (marketing) actually?

Niche, in a simple definition is a portion from a bigger market, a market with high demands for a certain products or services.

In other words, a niche is a narrowed segment from a much bigger market. It is a special market, where our customers demands only for a specific type of products or services. To give you much better vision about niche, let's imagine a very big and delicious Mediterranean pizza in front of a starving family~~   ;-)

Wait, don't eat first. We asks each and everyone which part they love to eat before we start dividing the pizza. The brother would love to have the biggest slice, his sister love to have the slice with the most cheeze, his mummy would prefer to eat the tomato first, his daddy prefer to add black pepper to his slice, and their youngest brother love to eat the crust. Each of them prefer the different parts of the pizza, but they still eat that pizza. Happy ending. ;-P

No, not yet. From that story, the whole undivided Mediterranean pizza resembles our total market (a.k.a. our online customers). When we cut it into smaller slice, each slice now resembles a niche. Each niche has it's own specialty, it appeals to certain part of our customers, and some is not. While some customer just go and take it as it is (like the brother), some customer will be picky about their choice (like the sister, her mummy, her younger brother), and some might go extra length to have it their own way (like the daddy).

Say, if we going to sell online, for example our business is about selling Mediterranean pizza, we need to start customizing our pizza according to customer demands. This is to ensure we will always get repeated sales and also having our own regular customer. Plus, if our pizza is the most unique pizza in town, they will always order our pizza even if it is two o'clock in the morning! (You've become their first and primary source for special Mediterranean pizza, it's great is it?)    ;-)

Well, that is the tasty way to explain a niche, so our online business will start aiming for selling products or give services that specifically targets a niche. Which niche will you go for??

More about niche:

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