Saturday, July 10, 2010

#4: What are You Going to Sell?

.: Lesson #4: Your online business should be selling stuff that people wants right now!

What kind of stuff that *people really wants*?
Because the internet community is soooooooooooo large, filled with many kinds of people, from all over the world, with different taste, wants and needs, it is quite possible that whatever you're selling there is a chance people will buy it.

It's logic right? Naaah, nope, it is not. (50-50) ;-P

Told you before, because the internet community is soooooooooooo large, you only had a ridiculously super tiny nano chance of getting people to notice you > interested with whatever products you're offering > and buy your stuff. Why again? Because there is toooooo many website and sooooooo pages that serves our community, you must be very lucky to make other people to notice about your website (online business).

Then, can I continue doing my online business?
Yes, absolutely. We use the "work smart" mode to do it. Instead of we telling (or forcing?) them to visit our business, how about we make them *wants* to visit our business then? Haa..

How to do that?
To find out, we need to go into the "Niche" mode~~   ;-)

InternetMarketingOnl9Class: "Which one is better? Asking someone to do a favor or let them do it voluntarily for you?"


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