Saturday, July 24, 2010

Examples of Business Products and Services

.: Okay, now we have our online business space ready (our business blog), we have our niche market handy, now what will we do next?

We will be preparing our products or provide our services so we can sell it online.

Basically, in internet world, we can sells pretty much anything we want. Our online business is not limited to sell physical products only, but we can sell digital products too~ Selling our services? It's also the same thing, we can provide online or offline services to our customers. :-)
  • Example of physical products? Books, computer hardwares, gaming consoles, music players, perfumes etc.
  • Digital products? E-books, downloadable softwares and games, mp3s, mobile contents, etc.
  • Online services: Write product reviews, software programming, data entry, copywriting, banner designing, etc.
  • Offline services: such as flyers distribution, courier service, tourist guide, food catering, etc.

If we do not have anything to offer, how about we sell stuffs on behalf of other people? Yes, we can do that. We will join an affiliate program and become an affiliate marketer.   :-)

InternetMarketingOnl9Class: "There is soooo much things we can sell with our online business."

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