Sunday, July 11, 2010

Search Engine Helps Online Business a Lot~

search engine by Danard Vincente on flickr
.: Remember about making our internet community (a.k.a. our valuable customers) desperately and voluntarily visits our website (a.k.a. our online business) without forcing them to do it?

Using the previous logic, it would be futile to make our customers notice about our online business. But, thanks to search engine technology, those days were long over. Using the correct marketing techniques, it won't be so hard to get listed in any search engine results.

What is the connection between search engine and our customers?
Search engine is a webpage designed to search information on the internet >> Then our customer use it to solve their problems or getting information >> (With proper techniques), they arrive at our online business and found their answers.

And, you might ask, how do we get to sell or give *exactly* the stuff/the answers/the information that *exactly* matches with what our customers is looking for?

Got your answer already?

We give them *exactly* what they want! It's that simple. Riiiite? Rite rite rite?? Heehee~   :-)

Okay, we now know exactly what we going to give them. To do that, we go 'niche'~~

What is the 'niche'?
Our answer lies in the next post~~

(A reminder: While it's best not to rely solely with search engines to get our customers, and it's not the only way actually, lets just learn this first, and later we go on with other techniques as well, okay?)

InternetMarketingOnl9Class: "Still learning the basic part~~"



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