Friday, September 24, 2010

SEO Site Review at Google I/O 2010: Video Follow Up~

.: Hahaha, my break is over~~ :-P
After a festive Aidilfitri break, now we're back with our internet marketing lessons~ There should be another post about How to build your business blogspot (part 03), but let's check out our previous lesson.

Q: Did our website owner in Google I/O 2010 do their homework?   ;-)

  • No text at all? Yup, still the same site just like the experts review, I guess the owner is already satisfied with the current site design though, hurmmmm.. :-( 
  • At least some definitive description can fill the gaps, no? yes? 
  • Unless you're clicking on their product links on the left side, then you can see some text.. But, it is enough for Google to rank? 

  • At writing time, I had a problem loading this site. But the best part of it is Rodsbot now has sitelinks below their Google SERP~~ :-D 
  • It is a very good idea to enable comments - more feedback means more keywords, hehe ;-) 

  • With 1024x768 resolution, their content is still below the fold. Is it necessary to make the first content snippets appear above the fold? Ask Matt please.. 
  • But their double link tabs still there~ :-?

  • To challenge this site backlinks, we need to unite as one... Eh?? But still, I'm curious on how many backlinks they have. Seriously more than 1 million backlinks? :-? LOL~~

  • Don't see an malware here from the SERP. But it now come with new front page design, nice~~ 
  • After viewing source, no "" here, haha. No more hidden malware installation anymore. Good job for SuprisesGalore~~ :-D 

  • Oh no, it has been directed to the "right" site. Oh no.. X-O 
  • Now this site is not the hook up site for the best car audio anymore... 

  • I don't see an changes here. But new stuff is already added. Like follow me on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • The 4 links still exists..
  • One thing I really want to see is the application form. It still exists! LOL. But no Hillary here. Lucky they change it already. Phew~

  • is the largest English imageboard on the web. LOL.

  • No more bandwidth limit exceeded, LOL. They already do their homework, eh? :-) 
  • Thing is disturbing my curiosity is how they guaranteed the Google top 10 ranking in SERP. And, wow. If you go to their SEO portfolio, (at writing time), and test each keywords in, it is amazing most of the SERP has Duxcollege in first place, and all of them is in top 10! 
  • Yes, I'm not affiliating with them, but I want that SEO technique so much! Hehe ;-) 

  • Now AppBrain has their sitelinks (a.k.a. breadcrumbs) up and running in Google SERP~ :-D
  • They did move the Changelog to the bottom of the page, and let the user comments stays above. And they introduce a new comparison meter with stars, the "Android market comments". Nice~~ ;-) 

  • At writing time, this site has gone already... (scraper site?) 

  • Still unfriendly URL with itemid=## blablabla, but no worries~~ :-) 

  • Still no address on the site with city and state.
  • HMTL still not in unison. "default.htm" still exists.

  • At writing time, I had problem connecting to the site. Their JavaScript is pointing me to somewhere else, just like the video. It is better to link directly to the product page instead or redirecting to another new page. 

  •  How to get more links? Come up with a cool idea. And think about marketing them. 

  • Site design has changed.
  • Link buying is not recommended. 
  • This site also comes with unrelated mixed content. By doing this, people won't stays here for long.

More recommended tools and tips by experts from Google I/O 2010:
  • Use AdWords Keyword Tool to find the actual keywords that people type and search for. 
  • To help with meta description, this is one free meta description generator for us. Good meta description can help increase our web traffic.
  • Think carefully about linking strategy - it's best to point to related sites.
  • Google Webmaster tools can be used to detect malwares, common keywords search from our site, internal and xternal links, fetch as Google bot, etc~
  • Where to check the latest WordPress update? WordPress 2.7+ has already have the automatic update feature, but, just in case this is the link about updating our WordPress.
  • Branding. Plan to brand our site, firstly by using unique names (Bing, Yahoo!) or unrelated domain names. (What trending now is people love to use names from sounds. Ping, Bing, etc. We can think creative sound as our domain name?)   ;-) 
  • Moderate our comments. Delete or remove spammy comments. New feature in has the comments inbox to manage all user comments~ 
  • Use Google Skipfish to check for malwares in our site?
  • Content is the king? To rank high in SERPS, we need to give original content in our site.
  • Choose a good hosting plan, probably the one with good uptime. Read reviews first and do your comparison before getting one.
  • Plan to use Google Web Toolkit? Learn how to get started here~
  • Try to add "related article" or related stuff inside our website. People will spend more time reading our site. :-D 
  • More text is much better? What search engine wants is th same thing what the user wants - valuable content! 
  • Unfriendly URLs (URL that uses more syntaxes, idemid=##, .asps) does not SEO. But it is better to have keyword in our URL, or the best one like WordPress, our URL is full, completely the same as our content/blog title. 
  • Learn how to unite all links into one, with rel=canonical by Matt Cutts. Complete with video~ 
  • Please optimize and prioritize the best content to appear in our first page. This to ensure that people will get in love (aka get interested) the first time they come to our page. ;-) 
  • We can and always can to build our website with ease using the free Google Sites~
  • AJAX sites IS crawled by Google. 
  • Google MayDay definition? What MayDay's impact on Long tail keywords?
  • It is advisable to do one very good website rather than having multiple websites with low value~ 
  • Which one is better? Website ends with .com or .info? Google usually not looking much at TLDs. But lately site ends with .info is a spam site... 
  • About strange or errors of HTML tags - should be OK with Google if it is not too much. But if manipulative/excessive use of, say, H1 tags all over the place, there might be a problem. 
  • And lastly, about URL shortener services. Use URL shortener with 301 or permanent redirect. Read Danny Sullivan's reviews on URL shortener services

That is our review about Google I/O 2010 video: SEO Site advice from the experts on May the 20th, 2010. Kinda late already, right? :-P   But, it is regretful for site owners who get the opportunity to have their site reviewed, but no action is taken. But it's OK. There is still more time to make the changes. We definitely have learned many important things from the video, and it's time to apply our knowledge in building our business blogspot~   ;-)

Remember to check out our incoming lesson: How to build your business blogspot (Part 03)~ Until then, here is some "tidbits" after our long reading~ Hehe :-D

Travie McCoy: Billionaire ft. Bruno Mars.
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